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Learning is the one thing that never gets old

B+ average // awarded "Matrícula de Honor"​ in class of "Marketing in Spain" - top 10%

Finished Bachelor-thesis on "the creation of a new student discount-card / loyalty program. Mobile, nets/bank-card functionality: providing two way information-exchange and metadata gathering. Data would be used to further optimize the platform for users/vendors".

"We Love Students" was presented to the innovation-department at the La Caixa, HQ in Barcelona for feedback on the project. Data and ideas were shared with the innovation-dep.

In 2014, a year later, a similar system had been implemented for La Caxia students customers.

B average // BSc International Marketing // additional year of "siviløkonomen" prior to BSc

Shipping Committee - Member
Snowboard & Ski committee - Member
Inside 24 - Journalist

Areas of strength: marketing, leadership and sales

B average // Event & sports management + instructor education

Brazil, Hemsedal, Bad Gastein then Hemsedal. +100 days of skiing / +200 participants trained. 

Certified instructor level-II in skiing, snowboarding and cross-country.
Education consisted of practical and managerial tasks within Sports- and event management.

Areas of strength: project and people management

Combat, weapon, survival and tactical training.

Areas of strength: leadership and strategy

Facebook Blueprint Training

Google, Analytics & Advertising

Continuously updating my toolkit on the Google and FB-ecosystem through their training modules and courses. I also enjoy attending live events and workshops in Oslo, generally focusing on marketing, start-ups, innovation and business development.

I've provided direct links to their resources, just click the images below

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