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Finally the new company "ish" is a reality! We will develop our own concepts to prove our right to exist (for our own sake that is!) - but also take on startups and established companies to help evolve their product and concept portfolios.

For the past 6 months I've invested my time working and learning about the technology hardware market. I've travelled to Bangkok on global 12-day Telenor marketing summit with Google and Facebook 3 months prior to that for education and development.

I partook in a 3 month incubator/education program within the multinational Telenor Group; "how to design a product / company from cradle to grave” mentored by "freshly tilled soil" and "mind the product".

My time has been divided between StartupLab, Telenor Fornebu, Singapore and doing primary research in Oslo. I've also been working closely with partners; global design and hardware manufacturers from USA and SEA on developing outside of Telenor.

"ish" currently has offices in Skovveien 3 in Oslo - but is looking to team up with another Oslo-based collective of creative heads.

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